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Airwild Cable Attach Fittings For Closed Loop

  AirWild Cable Attach Fitting
  Manufacturer: AirWild Hobbies
  Product: Cable Attach Fitting
  Applications: Rudder Pull-Pull, Flying Wire
  Material: Nickel Plated Steel
  Thread Size: #4-40
  Thread Length: 5/16 in.
  Oversized: No

AirWild Cable Attach #4-40 Fitting is a nickel plated steel fitting designed specifically for attaching steel cable to any kind of attachment hardware and also allows for cable tension adjustment. Its #4-40x5/16 in. end can be screwed onto various attachment devices such as clevises or ball links.

Typical applications include rudder pull-pull cable setup and flying wires for flying surfaces.

Installation Instructions

  • Insert cable through fitting from hex header end.
  • Pick up cable by the threaded end of the fitting and tie a knot at its end.
  • Pull knotted end of cable tightly back against end of fitting to compress knot. You can also use a plier or alike to do this. For larger diameter cable stripping away the coated insulation material may help making the knot tighter and smaller.
  • Another option instead of tying a knot is to solder a bead of solder ball onto the tip of the cable. Be sure to strip away ay insulation that may be present on the cable.
  • Thred fitting onto intended attachment.

AirWild Cable Attach Fitting, #4-40 (4/Pkg) Part No.: AW60-090-01 MSRP: POA
Pull-Pull Cable, 30 ft., 60 lb. Part No.: 60WN MSRP: POA