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Airwild Heavy Duty Cable Attach Fittings.

  AirWild Heavy Duty Cable Attach Fitting #4-40
  Manufacturer: AirWild Hobbies
  Product: Heavy Duty Cable Attach Fitting #4-40
  Applications: Rudder Pull-Pull, Flying Wire
  Material: Nickel Plated Copper
  Thread Size: #4-40
  Thread Length: 0.70 in. max.
  Max. Cable Diameter: 0.0591 in. (1.5 mm)
  Construction: CNC
  Quantity / Pack: 4
  Oversized: No

AirWild Heavy Duty Cable Attach Fitting (HD CAF) is our latest innovation in providing heavy-duty, high-performance control hardware for the RC giant-scale community. The popularity of RC giant-scale airplanes has taken a quantum leap in the last several years. However many traditional control related hardware have failed to keep up with the performance criteria that giant-scale RC demands. Owners of 40% or larger airplanes are still mostly limited to legacy hardware components designed years ago for smaller airplanes. Well folks, worry no more! Take a closer look at our HD CAF, designed with simplicity, functionality and high performance in mind:

  • Heavy duty copper coupler with nickle plating.
  • 3/4-in. longadjustable threaded stud end.
  • Simple cable installation.
  • Accept cable up to 0.0591" (1.5mm) in diameter.
... Patent Pending ...

AirWild Heavy Duty CAF consists of three components; coupler, #4-40x3/4-in. set screw and #4-40 jam nut. The 3/4-in. length of the #4-40 set screw offers adequate thread adjustment to address nearly all scenarios. Should application require longer adjustment range, user can freely replace with longer #4-40 set screw to satisfy the requirement. Hex key size for the set screw hex socket is 0.050-in..

Assembly and installation of cable to HD CAF is extremely simple and easy. No unsightly crimping and no bulking object dangling on the cable. Only tool you will need is a needle-nose plier or a small wrench. Voila !

Select cable of your choice. AirWild HD CAF is designed to accept cable up to 0.0591" (1.5mm) in diameter. Identify the cable guide hole which is located at end of the coupler (small through hole with no thread) and insert the cable end into the cable guide hole.
Route the cable out through the larger hole in the side of the coupler. Use the tip of your needle-nose plier or even a small screw driver to help guiding the cable end out through the hole.
Tie a knot in the cable end. If your cable diameter is on the narrow side of the cable guide hole, you may want to tie several knots that are bunched together. If you are using braided steel wire, use the plier and pinch down on the knot to make sure it is tightly formed. The final knot must be larger in diameter than the cable guide hole in order to prevent cable from being pulled out of the coupler body under load. If you are using Kevlar wire, simply apply a little thin CA to the final knot to harden the end. If you are not satisfied with the knot, simply cut away and re-do the knot.
Once you are satisfied with the knot, trim away any extra wire dangling from the knot. Next, pull back the wire until the knot is inside the large bored-through hole and tightly againt the cable guide hole. Now the knot is neatly tugged away. A real clean installation, ain't it !
Now all is left is to adjust set screw to your desired length. Once that is done, turn the #4-40 hex nut and jam it tightly up against the coupler body. This will secure the set screw from moving. For added security you can also add a drop of medium grade (blue) Locktite.
For those of you who simply demand absolute security in your cable installation, AirWild HD CAF offers a 'jam-locked' feature for just that purpose. Once you have completed STEP 4, turn the set screw all the way into the coupler body until it firmly jams the wire knot against the coupler body. Then turn the #4-40 hex nut down the set screw and jam it tightly against the coupler body. Now you have a redundant means to secure the cable installation and prevent the cable from accidentally being pulled out under load.

AirWild Heavy Duty Cable Attach Fitting, #4-40 (4) Part No.: AW60-091-01 MSRP: POA
Pull-Pull Cable, 30 ft., 60 lb. Part No.: 60WN MSRP: POA