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Airwild Uni-hubs and Uni-arms.

  AirWild Uni-Arm, 90-Degree
  Manufacturer: AirWild Hobbies
  Product: Uni-Arm, 90-Degree
  Style: Double-Truss Arm
  Size: 1 in. Coupling / 1 or 1.25 in. Output
  Finish: Color Anodized
  Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
  Package Includes: UniArm (2)
SHCS 2-56x3/8 (2)
Nut 2-56 (4)
  Oversized: No

  • CNC Machined
  • Aluminum 6061-T6
  • 1mm Truss Arm Thickness
  • Color Anodized
  • Designed specifically to pair with Uni-Hub (available separately) aluminum center
  • 1 or 1.25 in. Hook-up Option on Rudder Linkage Side
  • Easy Connect to 1/4-Size Ball Links w/ 4-40 Screws
  • Designed for High-Performance Metal Gear Servos
AirWild Uni-Arm is a double-truss, right angle (90 degrees) servo arm designed specifically for rudder pull-pull application where multiple servos are placed side-by-side and ganged for extra output.

The unit consists of two laser cut L-shape output arms made from 6061-T6 aluminum. When coupled to an AirWild Uni-Hub (available separately) the combined assembly creates an extremely rigid servo arm structure. No more worry for spline stripping as often found in many nylon wheel based double-truss servo arms or single-plate phenolic arms.

AirWild Uni-Arm 90-Degree package consists of;
  • Aluminum 90-Degree Arm (2)
  • Socket Head Cap Screws, #2-56x3/8 in. (4)
  • Hex Nuts, #2-56 (4)
Geometrically and functionally Uni-Arm has a "coupling side" and an "output side". As illustrated by the outline image the short 1 in. arm is the "coupling side" which is linked to a peer servo for ganging of output torque. On the 1.25 in.-long "output side" which is at 90 degrees to the coupling arm, Uni-Arm offers two hook-up points allowing user to optimize rudder pull-pull setup for his particular scenario:
  • 1.00 in. - Maximum Torque Transfer
  • 1.25 in. - Increasing Throw
We recommend Rocket City 1/4 HD Ball Links (ROC87), Rocket City 1/4 Extra HD Ball Links (ROC57), Dubro 4-40 Heavy Duty Ball Links (DUB 899) or other comparable ball links for use with Uni-Arm

Also available is our Uni-Arm Half/Full Arms for those special applications.

AirWild Uni-Arm, 90-Degree Part No.: AW60-070-01 MSRP: POA
AirWild Uni-Hub, JR Part No.: AW60-100-01 MSRP: POA
AirWild Uni-Hub, Futaba Part No.: AW60-101-01 MSRP: POA
AirWild Uni-Hub, Hitec Part No.: AW60-102-01 MSRP: POA
1/4 Extra HD Ball Links (2/Pk) Part No.: ROC57 MSRP: POA
1/4 HD Ball Links (2/Pk) Part No.: ROC87 MSRP: POA
Dubro 4-40 Heavy Duty Ball Links (12/Pk) Part No.: DUB900 MSRP: POA
Dubro 4-40 Heavy Duty Ball Link (2/Pk) Part No.: DUB899 MSRP: POA